Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Taking note of the damages of the past couple months....

Weight gain....about a stone or so....
Skin is in horrible shape.....
Nails don't seem to have had any damage...they actually seem to be thriving.
Acid Reflux...
Check check check check and CHECK.

It will ALL get better. It will take a couple months, but it took that long to get in this shape, didn't it?

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Well, yesterday and this morning I've been de-food-junking my house.
I haven't thrown away all the naughties...I just boxed them up and put then out of sight.....Hubby can still enjoy them if he wants, but as long as I don't see them- I don't think about them.

I'm banning myself from watching cooking shows. They only make me want to go in the kitchen and cook the calorie laden foods. I really wish they had a show on TV dedicated to easy to prepare healthy food and exercise- and not a drama filled reality show either...|I mean  a show with a chef trained in weight loss nutrition and a personal trainer for the exercise part. 15 minutes for each segment- or even an hour with 30 minutes for each.
  I know how to cook healthily- and that doesn't mean it has to be tasteless. I just need  some different ideas other than my go to method of "Veg can be delish with different herbs and spices added- maybe a splash of soy or teriyaki sauce."
I think eating clean has worked best for me. I know I can't do without carbs- and carbs are GOOD for me anyway...balanced diet.

I think my doctor back home said it best....

Severely Limit the fried foods.
Severely Limit the sweets.
Limit the bread.
Limit the salt.
Be as Active as possible.
And above all-

I have my workout videos  and elliptical set up in the back room.

I am:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fed Up and Inspiration.

That's me. Fed Up.

Fed up with Trying. Fed up with Failing. Fed up with lying to myself about why I keep failing miserably to lose this weight.

I need to be honest with myself. I fail because I don't like change. Even change for the better. I've lost weight before and had bad things happen and that is exactly what is holding me back now.

But I'm fed up with this weight and being unhappy with myself even more at this point. i don't feel good and i look HIDEOUS!

I'm starting my new eating and ACTIVITY plan on Boxing Day but I'm starting to really crack down on my bad eating habits and shit activity levels starting today. I'm going to the in laws for Christmas Dinner so no point in starting  before after Christmas because ...well, if you knew my mother in law- you'd know why. I won't be celebrating anything except my husband's birthday until the end of February and I'm POSITIVE I can lose a stone and a  half by then (20-21 lbs).  I'm shooting for a 10 lb loss every month. That means by this time next year I will be able to rival my Bezzie in her Christmas Finery!!!

She has two stunning dresses for her celebrations this year and compared to her- I am a Huge LUMP!
Her Christmas Dress is red halter dress with a gold chain collared neck. Slit up the thigh and shows off her curves to perfection!!!!
Her New Years Dress is ice blue and that's all I know about it except it's backless.
She is going to be my mentor and is my inspiration.

So....let's do this thing in 2015.
Andddddddddd GO!!!!.........