Sunday, April 16, 2017

All's Well That Ends Well

Or so I've been told.

Myself, I cant say that's completely true.

See, I had a bad day yesterday- I binged on Burger King after eating no breakfast. Then I ate Cadbury Mini-eggs.... the chocolate kind- until I realised what I was doing and was reaching for another mini bag to open. Ummmm no. Day 6 of 10 of my  TA123 eating plan boost- and I blew it. Lost almost 4 lbs  in the first 4 days- then that. So I stepped on the scale this morning- and according to it- I am back to Square One.
I cant moan- I did it to myself. Stupid cow that I am with no brain to think and no willpower at all.

Oh well. This Morning it's back to Day one to start over.
Not giving up. And I went on a the rain, no less which I hate. Unless it's summer which it is DEFO NOT here in Manchester. So I was cold and wet on my walk....strangely enough- I walked almost 2 miles and my back didnt throb when I got back.  I only stopped a couple of times for a couple of minutes during my walk too when my back DID start bothering me. But it was short rests until it eased and then it was straight back at it again.
Not bad for the first time back at it again in weeks.

Today I'm back on Plan.... Eating Lean ham & Turkey breast for Roast Dinner today. Broccoli, a boiled egg and a baked spud are on the menu too. Im making a TA legal gravy for it too- altho I'm opting out of the Yorkshire puddings- OMG I cant believe I just said that as that is the very BEST part of the Sunday Roast meal for me.

Oh well- I played yesterday- I have to pay for it today.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pay It Forward

I loved that movie- altho it was unbelievably sad and made me cry in the end.

I think it's  probably one of the most influential movies of this time.  After that movie came out- a movement was started. When the world was going crazy with hate and doom and destruction- but somehow in the middle of the chaos, somehow someone found the strength to do a kind deed for someone to make their day better. And in turn, one day that person remembered that good deed and how it made them feel and they wanted to pass that feeling on to someone else- so they did- and then the same thing happened- and pretty soon people were watching these good deeds and wanted to do the same- and so they did.

Now, you never know when going thru the drive thru or standing in line at the grocery store if someone in front of you has decided to Pay It Forward and pay for your purchase for you. Or put money in your parking meter for you so the meter-maid doesn't issue you a citation. Or maybe be the person who buys a meal for the homeless person  on the side of the road holding the sign- or hands the traffic officer a bottle of cool water on a hot summers day. Or maybe it's the guy who pulls over in the pouring rain to help someone repair their car- or offers to give the mom and the kids stranded on the side of the road a ride home- or offer to let them use their mobile phone to call someone to come get them- and then stay with them til their ride arrives- just in case.

And these acts are remembered- and in turn, passed on to someone in the future.
Like ripples in an ocean.

It gives me hope for humanity, after all.