Monday, May 30, 2016

Food Orgy....

Okay so today's post is going to be a bit of a rant. I dont want to be the food police here but....

I go to all the trouble of cooking healthily, weighing out all the food into maximum serving sizes for me and husband...we eat- and then when he's finished with his meal he goes into the kitchen to put his plate away and grabs either two slices of bread and cheese for a nice Cheese sammich, or he grabs three slices of bread for a bread sammich. Or he grabs two individual bags of crisps an hour after supper is over....Or an entire bag of non-individual sized  crisps.

Why do I go to all that trouble if he is just going to add 600-800 calories MORE to the meal I just carefully measured out? 

It's frustrating for me, and I see him eating the nice tasty things I'm trying to avoid and it just makes me crave them.And I am the first one to admit I just have absolutely no self control when it comes to tasty foods. Especially carbs.

And then I get craving food watching him eat the Naughtys and I think to myself, oh, a little bit wont do that much damage...and so I get a little bit and then somehow I end up 800 calories over my daily limit- After being so careful the rest of the day.

It's driving me insane. But why should what he decides to do affect me and my journey. Because I love him and I want him to live a long time. I dont want to live past another loved ones life- especially my mate who I love more than my own life. I'm trying, but the little sneaks here and there add up too.

I need to put on blinders to what is going on around me....but for me- it's like a sex addict being put in the middle of a 12 day Orgy and expecting not to succumb to temptation.... The sight of it- the smells- the sounds.... It's torture.
Food torture.

Just saying......

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Moving Right Along......

Okay, so it's been a while. 

I'm still working towards my weight loss goals.

I had a long few months of problems....Knee injuries,  a tumble down stairs,  stomach issues and a constant headache for months.  I've had tests and more tests and more tests and hopefully most of the issues have been settled in one way or another.

So all thru this I've still been eating thoughtfully....not totally healthfully, mind you, but mindful of how often I have treaty type things and how often I eat healthy food. Trying mostly to follow the 80/20 Plan.  It's kept me maintaining my weight, mostly, but not so much helping me along my journey to weight LOSS.

Hubby and I have been on holiday for the past 8 days and have two more days off too, so I've been able to both get back in the swing of cooking and eating healthily and at the same time having a treat now and again....and when we come off holiday Tuesday morning it will be back to a stricter regime.

I've been doing my workouts in front of the TV while hubby does his recording and live-streams for his YouTube and Twitch channels, and today- when I reached the 44 second mark on my second off from my goal..... My elbows just wouldn't let me go any further. I realized then I needed a bit more softness to go any further in my workouts....some of which require elbow and knee work and on a hardwood floor that just won't be happening.
So I went online, did some research and asked hubby to order me a 15mm thickness yoga mat on his Amazon Prime account so I can have it tomorrow. No fuss, no muss.

I'm also going to be eating salads from our local  cafe near work....One, I get a workout ie walk albeit a short one- and two I'll be eating healthily and not be tempted by all the yummy things at the supermarket... ie the Krispy Kreme display box at the entrance AND exit of it. Damn them all.

Especially when this week they're coming out with a Nutella glazed one. Again....damn them.

Krispy Kremes are my absolute downfall. I can sit and eat a dozen....or two. That started when I was expecting my firstborn son. My ex would disappear all weekend and my neighbor would come over and keep me company while he was gone. First thing on Friday evenings we would get in her car and go to the donuts shop and buy a dozen plain glazed....a dozen blueberry filled, lemon filled and custard filled... and another dozen bear claws, cinnamon buns and Cinnamon twister sticks.

We'd get all the gubbins for burgers and hotdogs and we would swim in our pool and shoot pool and watch movies all weekend when it was rainy out.
She made the loveliest hot dogs too- okay, I'm stopping that.

Anyway, so yes- We're back on the wagon again and it wont be so long that I post here next time.