Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Rant......(Repost- But Still Relative 10 Years Later.....)

How the heck are we supposed to lose weight in our society?

Have you tried lately?

I try to eat healthily. I bake my fries- I usually broil or bake meats- I DO have a sweet tooth- but even with that I try to limit how much I indulge(only time I REALLY give in is a couple days before Aunt Flo visits- minimal damage).

But to try and eat in public is hopeless.

Order at a restaurant and you get enough food for two people. I know you can eat half and take the rest home- or leave it on the plate...but WHY? I don't like warmed over food from a restaurant. I also don't like to waste food when there are so many people starving in the world- and besides- I don't wanna pay 12 bucks for a half serving of food and leave the rest either. I work too hard for my money to waste it like that. And we could share a plate- but Paulius and I don't always want the same thing to eat when we go out- he tends to like spicy foods and I go for a more bland type food- I have an ulcer and spicy foods double me over when I eat them.

Why the hell can't the food industry just serve NORMAL portions and decrease the price a bit?
Everyone would be happier,(except maybe the 600 lb people who think all that food is GOOD for them and would absolutely STARVE if they weren't served enough to feed a small nation at every meal), not to mention healthier. Even if they DIDN'T decrease the price- it would still be better for us because a) we wouldn't be eating those mega portions and all the fat and calories that go with them and b) we wouldn't eat out as much because it would be so expensive to do so,(which is exactly the reason that they don't want to do the sensible thing like normal prices and portions-everything has to be bigger and better than the competetions).

I can't even watch TV anymore without being bombarded with commercial after commercial after COMMERCIAL about food- every where I look its there- and turning the sound down doesn't help either- I can still see the cheese oozing all hot and steaming from the pizza slice as it's served up. I can still see the creamy chocolate dripping from the spoon as the ice cream sundae is gobbled up. I can still see the blissful expressions on the faces of the people eating the stuff too- and even tho I know they are actors- they are DAMN GOOD actors because I honestly want to run out and get some of the creamy, chewy, owwey gooey goodness they are having while I'm watching.

And sodas- Why in the world do they sell those things in twenty oz bottles? First they sold the little 7 oz bottles which were PERFECT for a person- Just enough unless you were DYING of thirst and then you were better off drinking water to satisfy your thirst. Then they upped the dosage to 10 ozs. a bit more- but still okay. Then it went to 12 ozs. Too much. I have a can of soda and a third of it is usually left and wasted. Can't cap it- it's a can. Looses the fizz and tastes like CRAP. ...Then the 16 oz came along. And the 20 oz.....GREAT- for two people- but if you are single- or driving along alone- who needs it? 16 ozs is enough for 2 and a HALF servings. No wonder we are so freaking FAT in this nation. They began making those little 10 oz bottles again for a while- but finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack- not everywhere will stock them. The two litres are fine if you are a family of six and the three litres are fine if you are having a party. But for normal people it's just TOO MUCH!! But we are tempted by the more is less pricing.

 Looks like I am going to have to give up watching TV and give up going out to eat at all as well to be healthy again.

It just ALL pisses me off.

It Doesn't Feel Like Work if You're Smiling.

Well, its been a crazy couple of weeks, but the results are interesting....

Ive downloaded a couple of videos(Zumba and Yoga) and have been doing them the past couple weeks.The frst week I lost another pound- but since then have been gaining til I'm back up to 17st 11lb.....But I think that's okay for now because I can see where my shape is changing a bit. I'm also a tiny bit more loose- as in flexable but I am achy in my joints and muscles- maybe from using them like I havent in quite a while??? Anyway, it's all good- and as it's dancing and stretching I'm REALLY enjoying it.

It doesn't really FEEL like it's work when you have a smile on your face!!! Right?

I've instigated a weight loss challenge at work running from 23rd FEb to April 1. We've had them before and first one worked well, but the others kind of fell flat....the other challengers would bring in treats to tempt the others to eat- and then we would all end up usually less than the others(all GUYS, I might add) but occasionally I would partake as well. It usually ended up me losing 10 or 15 lbs- and them losing two or one case one of the guys actually GAINED 12 lbs!! (No willpower whatsoever-I tell ya!!)

Well, this time I upped the ante a bit.
I said this time that if COLLECTIVELY we lost 10 lbs for EACH participant I would bring in a FRED for each of us the Friday after the challenge ended.

One of the guys said that wasnt really fair- because that was a LOT of weight to lose. I said exactly- and because of it
1) we wouldnt be brininging in naughty food to try and tempt the others.
2)We would be trying to lose a bit MORE thyan our allotted 10 lbs to make up for the slack of another person if they didnt quite make it to their 10 lb goal.

They seemd to see the logic in that. Plus- they all like FRED.

What's Fred, you ask?

We also have a sandwich Swap every few months.... you make a sandwich, name it- and bring it in for lunch. then we write the name of our sammich on a slip of paper, then put it in a bowl/box/hat and we draw to see which sammich we get for Lunch. It's just something to do to try something new and be adventurous....out of the ordinary lunch we would normally have.

I named my Philly Cheese Steak sammich FRED. And those guys LOVE Fred.

So- as One of our participants said- I've upped the STAKESSteaks)... (Witty Guy!!)

And I haven't told them yet- but if we can make ONE POUND over HALF our goal, I'll bring in Freds anyway- Just for the effort!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Progress...

Short n Sweet today.

Progress...17st 9 lb today.

As long as It's going down.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Results- and Progress....

Well,I'm happy as a  butterfly in a field of flowers...... Even after a VERY stressful week, I have managed to lose 1.25 lbs. I weighed in at 17st 10.25lbs.

After my last post- I weighed three days later and I had gained from 17st 7.5lb up to 17st 11.5lb.
Maybe it was fluid retention, maybe it was stress, I don't know- but I know I was almost in TEARS from the stress of that gain alone!!

Anyway, I didn't dwell on it- I just shrugged it off as  it is what it is and got up the next morning and  continued on. And it HAS paid off. It wasn't the loss I wanted or expected, but as I said- it has been a VERY stressful week.

I've taken Monday off work as a holiday, so I can watch the Superbowl tonight(it doesn't start until 11:30 PM here in England as it's live), and then I can sleep in tomm. OR I have it recording so I can watch it tomorrow morning while I'm doing my workouts. I'm doing extra ones tomorrow.

I've exactly 25 days til my Birthday and I want to be back down into the 16 stone range again by then.  I've got my house cleaned so I can totally do as much workout routines as I like tomorrow without feeling guilty about something I should be doing instead.

I've ordered me a couple of outfits too in a smaller size.

My Bezzie is out of town on a holiday this weekend, so we haven't been able to chat to each other, but I think I have done pretty good on my own. I have kept in my calorie range every day- even with  having a Double Cheeseburger at Burger King on Friday evening and having a couple of Snickers Ice Cream Bars yesterday. I'm a firm believer(especially in MY case) of if you have a craving, have whatever it is- occasionally allow yourself a bit of it. If I try to deny myself a treat every once in a while- I start obsessing about it and when I finally DO give in- I binge. And that defo isn't good.

Anyway, I'm on caloric track- still working on improving the types of food I eat to stay in Calorie Limit Range, drinking my water and doing my workouts. I wont give up. I refuse.